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A Barber

August 25, 2012


Went to Ishanya Mall for some home-goods shopping today.  Got there a bit early so I strolled around the streets near the entrance.  There I found this barber.  Barbershops like this are a common sight in Pune.  This one is a spacious two-seater – in driving about the town I’ve seen shops half the width, where you figure the barber must be a yogi to both fit behind you and cut your hair properly.

Keeping a neat coiffure is important for Indian men.  In a couple weeks I’ll be pretty shaggy myself.  Next time it may be me in the chair.

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  1. backpackformypillow
    August 25, 2012 at 10:15 am

    You do get a great cut in India though. When I was last there it cost less that £1 and they really game me all the treatment.

    The barbershop does appear to be reemerging in the UK also. When I’m home I go to a Turkish barbers where they wave a lighted wand around your ears to get rid of the hairs! Bloody scary sometime, but effective.

    Great post.

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