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About Me


Fernando brings an eclectic background to his writing: A life-long interest in medieval history, 10+ years intense martial arts training, an early career as a biology researcher, and a later career as a software products developer, a love of wines and cooking, 2 years living and working in India, a somewhat maddening fixation with golf, and a regular program of re-reading the works of Jack Vance and Patrick O’Brien.

Home for Fernando is Arlington, Mass where he lives with wife Kim – herself an author — in a 100 year-old house. If you happen to visit do not be alarmed by the many swords on display. They are purely ceremonial … yeah, that’s the ticket, ceremonial.

In five SF mysteries, from stolen fossils, to intelligent symbionts, to 3D cellular automata, woman of action Blair MacAlister has to rely on her wits and sometimes her blaster to get the clues that allow her boss Terendurr to solve the case.

Reignal Maigntar, Falcon Knight and Lord of Tul, quests in the counter-Earth of Treyavir, battling foes both unlikely and deadly.

Ex-professor, ex-drummer, and now barber Colin Petrie must travel the virus-blasted landscape of a future England, seeking the Lady of Dungeness to save his true love, Beatrice.