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March 9, 2012

I returned from India last Friday, but between jet-lag recovery and work-catch up haven’t been able to do any blogging.  Overall the trip was very successful … I got to see operations at the IBM Pune Lab and speak one-on-one with the whole team there, and spoke to 4-5 customers at Lotusphere Mumbai.IMAG0063

A few more photos from the trip … here’s a pretty common street scene from Pune.  You see an auto rickshaw, the three-wheeled thing in the middle-left.  These are ubiquitous; I’m sure I’ll ride in them on subsequent trips.  You also see some examples of commerce, in the form of a plumbing supply company, or so I gathered.  Something that struck me on this trip was how every square foot of the city was filled with some sort of business or another.IMAG0056

Here’s another common thing I saw – buildings half-constructed.  Most were surrounded with bamboo scaffolding, and seemed empty of any occupation of activity.  Asking my Indian colleagues about this they explained there has been a burst real-estate bubble in many regions of India, and that there are indeed a great many abandoned projects – many of these are housing developments where owners have already paid only to see the builders go bust.

IMAG0077Last photo.  Yes, there is no place on earth where Scottish food cannot be found.  When we were driving from Pune to Mumbai this is where I had breakfast.  I was holding out for some traditional food, but my colleagues all assured me this would be faster.  It was fast, and the veggie McMuffin I ordered actually wasn’t bad – chick peas, corn, cilantro and curry were the main identifiable ingredients. 

Tasty as it was, I don’t expect this to come back to the US any time soon.

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