I'm Fernando Salazar.  I live in Arlington, MA. Here's the quick highlights of my history: After college I thought I'd be a scientist, went to grad school a few years, worked in lab, was co-author on papers for peer-reviewed journals. But the academic life was not for me, and the next step was to train in Aikido (a traditional Japanese martial art) for 10 years or so. Also in that time I started both programming and writing, but it was programming that paid the bills. I worked for IBM for 19 years, achieving the title Distinguished Engineer. Between the dot-com era of circa 2000 to 2023 I also worked for five startups, most recently Klaviyo, which went IPO in 2023.

Now I'm a full time writer -- it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

I encourage comments on this site, though I reserve the right to delete or modify comments at any time.  A valid email address is required to comment.

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