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Restarting, Unpacking & New-Jobbing

August 11, 2014

Sunset over Cape Cod Bay

Sorry for no posts for some time.  I returned to USA three weeks ago on 18 July.  My first week back I spent getting over jet-lag, doing some unpacking, and keeping caught up with work.  My real “reintegration” back into things here started the week after, when Kim and I spent a week in North Truro at the Topmast Resort, our long-time summer vacation getaway.  We played some golf, saw some sights here and there, but mostly we sat on the beach, swam, read, kayaked a bit.  Going to the Cape is for us a bit of a family ritual, and the familiarity of the place we’ve been visiting 15+ years helped bring my mind back here and away from the other side of the world.

Since coming back friends and acquaintances of course are asking, “What was it like?”  I still don’t have a proper answer.  The time in India was enriching, since I saw so much that was new; yet is was also disheartening in that much of what I saw was very sad.  The time was stimulating and satisfying, since I met so many new colleagues and friends, and (I think) we did great stuff together; but at the same time it was disappointing in that I feel I could have done much more.  Finally the time was rejuvenating, in that it was an opportunity to look at my lifestyle and make changes, for the better I hope; and then it was exhausting in that it is hard work living in a place that is so different and where you are always on display.

I guess another sort of hard work now awaits me here at home, more unpacking:

Boxes from India

Above is the shipment of our India goods: kitchen items, books, clothes, rugs, mementos, etc.  Also shown is our chair, which Kim now needs to have re-upholstered using some fabrics we brought back.  Since I am greatly against clutter, we have to reorganize and/or dispose of lots of old things about the home, to make space for the new.  I foresee it will be some weeks until our living room is navigable again.

Finally to add to the mix, yours truly has a new job.  Well, not 100% new.  My job was Chief Architect for IBM Sametime; there my priority was the technical strategy for the product line, though I also had to do a lot to promote, explain and sell the product.  Now my job is Director of Product Management for IBM Sametime – and IBM Docs – where I have ownership for the overall Sametime business, which means leading the development of the roadmap, negotiating budgets and investment, forging partnerships, and lots of evangelizing to customers.  So to paraphrase Pete Townshend, it’s a bit of “meet the new job, same as the old job” – but I’m sure a lot will be totally new, some of which I hope to share in these pages.

So, I’m back.  India is not out of my blood yet, but I don’t think it ever will be, not totally.  Yesterday with our grilled lamb I asked Kim to make a spicy cabbage dish we oftentimes had during our time in Pune, very similar to this recipe or to this one.  I guess once a Punekar always a Punekar.

Till next time.

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  1. Gary Shostak
    August 11, 2014 at 10:00 pm


    Welcome home. I have followed your post for the past several months with interest. And Have learned a lot from your post. Would like to meet & chat if you are inclined & have time.

    I lived in southern Nepal just a few minutes north of the border with Bihar from 67-69 as a peace corps volunteer. For many reasons I spent more time traveling in India & spoke some Hindi & Bhojpuri.

    I know much has changed since then & I have been back a few times. But never spent much time in the cities & with 21st century business & technical professionals. So would enjoy hearing more. Let me know if you’re interested & we’ll fix a time.

    And if you’re curious about how desis showcase India there is a festival this coming Saturday in Acton. I expect this is probably the last thing you’d like to do.

    Gary Shostak 4 Pamela Dr. Arlington


  2. Ravi
    August 12, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    Glad to hear boxes reached all in one piece! You seemed to escape just before the full blown Monsoon arrived and dams are full again. Hope India makes progress and there are less and less of the sad things, but its going to take long time.

    I also amused by previous post, I come from same state as the gentleman mentioned. Will be interesting to converse with him in Bhojpuri:)

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