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Next Stop … Beans & Cods

May 10, 2013


Tomorrow, Kim, Morgan and myself head back to the place you see above – Boston, of course – a 10-day visit for me, about a 2-month stay for them.  The pic is a puzzle we have on our TV-area table, a gift from good friend Kathy B. when I went on assignment.  I’m afraid all I did with it was start sorting the pieces.  When Kim arrived in January, puzzle-mistress that she is, it was put together in a about a week.  Just for context, sitting somewhere around East Boston, I would say, I’ve put a can of Kingfisher, kind of the Narragansett of India.

Anyway, many an evening here we look at the puzzle and say, “Let’s go to that spot when we get back”.  Soon we’ll be doing just that.

An odd reflection, if you don’t mind … I have a habit – when in a good mood that is – of humming, or even mumbling, popular songs as I go through my day or as I walk from meeting to meeting.  Last few weeks a lot of that has been Why Do Fools Fall In Love?  Can’t tell you why that song in particular.  But as the trip approaches I find myself inevitably switching to Back in the USSR.

You don’t know how lucky you are, boys … see you soon.

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