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Krugman, Matty Groves & The Culture

August 26, 2012

I’m a regular reader of Paul Krugman’s articles and blog.  One of my takeaways from B-school was an interest in macroeconomics and Krugman’s objective and unapologetic style – as well as his argument – clicks with me.

But I’m not posting about economics.  I find I share Krugman’s taste in music and books.  His last Friday’s post featured Fairport Convention, an all-time favorite band for for the Salazar family.  Other bands he likes I find I like too: The Civil Wars, and Arcade Fire.

Krugman’s an SF fan too, there was an article about it in the Globe some months back.  Reading that I thought I’d try some of his picks.  That got me hooked on Iain M. Banks Culture series

Over 4th of July vacation I read Use of Weapons and Excession; both were good, though I liked Excession more.  Anyway, being here in India on my assignment, not yet joined by family, I have a lot of time for reading.  Since coming here I finished Consider Phlebas and am halfway through Look to Windward.  I haven’t found any SF I like for so long, The Culture is a great to come across now – vast, space-opera scope, which makes it fun, and at the same time just good characters, which makes it interesting.



If this stuff is news to you, check out some of Krugman’s music and books.  Of course if you also look into his politics, I really can’t help that, now, can I?

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  1. Avshalom Houri
    August 26, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Was reading so much SF years ago and now can not find much that I like. I tend to blame myself for being picky.

    Hope that I will like Iain M. Banks books…

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