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Ciao Bella

March 16, 2012

More travel for me, I’m off to Italy and historic Milan for just over a week.  This is an offshore business course, part of my degree program at Babson University.  We’ll be collaborating with students and professors at Bocconi University, as well as visiting Italian businesses like Autogrill, Lamborghini and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Not all the time will be spent in business wonkitude, however.  We’ll visit the famous duomo, masterpiece of late-gothic cathedral architecture.  Also on the agenda, a visit to La Scala, world-famous opera house … opened in 1778, La Scala was famous as a place for assignations with courtesans as much as for opera.  Of course, so many operas are about courtesans its hard to keep all that straight.



Other cultural highlights of the trip describe the complete spectrum of the Milan-experience: Sunday morning we take in a soccer game at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, and then Sunday afternoon, we visit Leonardo’s The Last Supper – from the athletical to the ecclesiastical, if you will.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Leonardo’s masterwork.


One thing on my mind as I pack for the trip: How will I dress?  Of course I’ll be instantly identifiable as an American, but at least I’ll be leaving at home the fanny-pack and cargo shorts.  The fantasy look I have for Italy is typified by Aurelio Zen – portrayed by Rufus Sewell, shown at left.  This guy can wear a suit.

Its 50:50 if I will post while I’m away.  Hoping to capture a lot of pix – will share when I get back.  So, A dopo.

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