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Preparing for Lotusphere 2012

January 13, 2012

Once again the yearly pilgrimage to Orlando for Lotusphere 2012 is upon us. In addition to the flurry of customer meetings and catching the occasional session, I’m co-speaking at a session, with my colleague Marc Pagnier. Marc is a Sametime Product Manager and our talk is :

ID218 – Private or public?
Take your Social Business to the cloud with IBM Sametime® & IBM Connections®

(See all the LS sessions here:

Working at home today I’m doing some tune-ups on my part of the talk. I can’t help but think back to my first Lotusphere breakout. It was 1998 and I was then working on the well-intentioned but ill-fated eSuite product. Anyway my boss and my colleagues all say, “Go to Lotusphere and give a talk, you’ll love it.” Impressionable lad that I was (relatively speaking) I say ok and start prepping the talk, which was about app-dev with eSuite applets and our nascent AJAX-like functions. I had done talks for small groups before. Well the end of the story is, when I show up to give my talk I’m amazed — the room holds 700 people and my talk is SRO. I’m lucky I had drilled over and over because if I stopped to think about the situation I’m sure I would have been paralyzed. The talk went well — though I was on auto-pilot talking and answering questions I never noticed the AV guy in the back frantically waving the “1 min left” sign.

The show’s much different now … not many 700 person break-outs. But Lotusphere is still the highlight of the Lotus year. If you’re there and you want to meet I’ll be at my talk of course, and at MTD some times.

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